Top Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Ideas


In today’s blog, I want to introduce you to some really attractive innovations for beauty packaging, focusing on sustainability. 

As we see some big brands make a recycling packaging commitment within a certain time frame, today I want to introduce you to some cool, exciting innovations. 

First is the polylactic acid packaging

As we all know, conventional plastic materials come from petroleum-based and fossil-oil sources. After usage, they cannot degrade or may take hundreds of years to degrade in our environment, leaving microplastics that impact our soil, oceans, and animals. 

Converting these into biodegradable

Furthermore, these bottles are created from sugar cane, which is used to make bottles and jars. They can be blown into the kinds of packaging you want. However, through the injection process, they can be made into biodegradable PLA packaging. The PLA materials have the same clarity as our conventional plastics, a neat surface, and can be screen printed. 


Aside from its sustainability and protective properties, PLA has other advantages for cosmetic brands.

Firstly, the simplicity with which it may be customized with various branding and design elements. For example, companies who like more rustic packaging might use kraft paper on the outside and PLA on the inside.

Custom beauty packaging suppliers also pair them with bamboo caps to create a more natural texture for brands. 

Its industrial compostable

Unlike conventional plastic materials, after usage, the suggested disposal method is industrial composting. Under industrial composting conditions, the PLA bottle or jar will biodegrade within half a year and for about 180 days. However, turning into water and carbon dioxide with the action of microorganisms, leaving no permanent microplastic in the soil. 

PLA is an eco-friendly choice

It’s really eco-friendly, and if these products are discarded into the environment, the disposal conditions will be similar to landfilling. Under this condition, it will also biodegrade but takes more time, like two to five years, turning into carbon dioxide and water, leaving no microplastic on the earth. These bottles can also be recycled. 

HDPE Or corrugated(Flute) boxes

Secondly, we want to introduce something similar to the PLA packaging. Packaging manufacturers use certain raw materials from plants to replace conventional plastics. They mix wheat straw with some HDPE or PP to make cosmetic beauty boxes. These wheat straw bottles are constructed of wheat straw and HDPE. Brands also have wheat straw jars, where wheat straw is mixed with PP and PLA material. This is more popular, but the processing is also more sophisticated and difficult.

Consumers likes corrugated beauty boxes 

Many customers like this because it has natural wheat dots on the packaging, creating a natural image and texture. 

Last but not least, we want to introduce bio-plastic tubes made from sugar cane. These tubes feel and look exactly like our conventional PE tubes, but the raw materials are plant-based. With HDPE or LDPE material, we can make single-layer or five-layer tubes, and we can also do screen printing. We offer various lid options for you to choose from. 

Pro-tip for adding a logo

One truly great feature is that if we utilize more than 60% bio-plastic for the product, we may use a logo from our raw material supplier. Add the “I am green” plastic logo, and place it on your product. This shows our customers that we are committed to sustainable cosmetic packaging. Some customers have given feedback that having this logo on our product helps it stand out in supermarkets or shopping malls. 

Top 10 beauty boxes 

This innovation in packaging has made a great impact on the packaging kingdom. Let’s discuss some top-rated beauty boxes for your brand. Undoubtedly, implementing these will boost your revenue.

Folding cartons

One of the top trendy boxes that is thin and lightweight made from a single piece of cardboard.


Custom boxes include features like easy to fold, ship flat, and yet, cost-effective.


These chipboard boxes are commonly used for smaller cosmetics like lipsticks, mascaras, and small skincare products.

Rigid boxes

The top second boxes are thick and sturdy. However, these don’t fold.


These boxes are of a high-quality, luxurious feel and are more durable.


Rigid as the name says these are ideal for high-end products like perfumes and premium skincare items.

Sleeve boxes

These are the top three boxes, and they are made of two pieces: an inside tray and an outside sleeve.


Easy to open, elegant presentation.


These boxes are often used for makeup palettes and deluxe cosmetic kits.

Drawer Boxes

As the name says it all. To clarify,  these boxes are similar to a drawer, with a pull-out tray.


Unique design, easy access, reusable.


Perfect for storing multiple items, such as makeup sets and skincare collections.

Window Boxes

Boxes with a transparent window made from plastic or acetate.


Allows customers to view the goods inside and enhances its visual attractiveness.


Common for showcasing products like nail polishes, lip glosses, and small gift sets.

Tuck-End Boxes

These Boxes have flaps that tuck into the box ends.


Simple to assemble, secure closure.


Frequently used for lightweight products like compact powders, eyeshadows, and single-use skincare items.

Flip-Top Boxes

Flip-top boxes offer a lid that flips open.


Easy to open, provides a neat display.


Suitable for items like foundation bottles, face creams, and serums.

Hexagon Boxes

These are six-sided boxes that stand out due to their unique shape.


Distinctive, attractive, and attention-grabbing.


Ideal for special occasions or limited-edition products, like holiday collections.

Pillow Boxes

These boxes are curved and pillow-shaped boxes.


Stylish, compact, easy to assemble.


Often used for small items like sample sizes, lip balms, and travel-sized products.

Magnetic closure boxes

These boxes have a magnetic flap for closing.


Secure, high-end feel, easy to open and close.


Perfect for luxury products like high-end makeup sets and exclusive skincare items.

Indeed, these various sorts of beauty boxes are the latest advancements in sustainable cosmetic packaging. These cosmetic cardboard packing boxes are intended to increase the appeal of the items they contain by offering both protection and a visually pleasing appearance.


In simple terms, these top-rated cosmetic cardboard packing containers like folding cartons, rigid containers, sleeve boxes, drawer cases, boxes with windows, tuck-end boxes, flip-top packages, hexagonal boxes, pillow boxes, and magnetic closure boxes—provide a perfect balance of utility, elegance, and sustainability. They are intended to preserve and promote beauty items while also encouraging environmentally responsible behaviors.